Fiverr: How to create a sell generating gig on Elance site

Fiverr: How to create a sell generating gig on Elance site

Fiverr: Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur has become the most trusted online outsourcing system by any online money making lover. A Fiverr Gig is an identity for our online presence. Millions of buyers visit on Fiverr.Com on a daily basis to fill their business or professional needs. And according to Fiverr, a gig is bought every five seconds. Just imagine an online freelance platform, used by the whole world and their hiring rate is a gig on every 5 seconds. This online marketplace is very easy to start and make a cent online.

Before we proceed to create a Gig on Fiverr, we need a Seller Account.

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What is a Gig?

A gig is a service that we sell on Fiverr. Imagine we have a shop. Our shop described by-products which have in our shop. A gig is used to describe our service and skills like products of the shop. A gig is the only way which will help us to sell a talent or skill under any categories.

To construct a sell generating gig on Fiverr we need to know about a few things. These are:

  • Overview
  • Scope & Pricing
  • Description & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Requirements
  • Gallery
  • Publish
fiverr gig creation process
Fiverr Gig Process

Overview: An overview is the front view of our skill or services. Under overview, we have to (1) Create a Gig Title; (2) Add Meta Data or SEO Title; need to (3) Define Category (as per our skills); (4) Add Tags to help buyers find our gig while searching.

fiverr gig overview

Scope & Pricing: It is the section where we have to set our prices according to our services. On the Scope & Pricing section, we have three options. Primary or Single price section called as a Basic Package. And the other two packages are Standard and Premium. As a default Fiverr has only one package. For the remaining two packages we need to unlock the 3 Packages option under Pricing.

fiverr gig scope and pricing

Description: After Overview and Pricing sections, a description part comes to the play. A description is a part where we have to write about our service or skill as per our gig title or categories.

For example, our gig title is ” I will be your Data Entry Clerk” and Category is ” Business ” and Sub-Category is ” Data Entry “. On the description section, we need to write details about our data entry service or data entry skill which we offer to our buyers.

fiverr gig description

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) is the optional part of a Fiverr Gig. But here is my recommended to all Fiverr money maker don’t take it as an optional. It the part where a seller or a money maker set their own questions on behalf of a buyer.

fiverr frequently asked questions

For example, our gig is related to data entry. Manual data entry and automation data entry is a part of any data entry programmer. Under FAQ we can add a question for our buyer.

FAQ: Do you offer automation service?
Ans: No, I only offer manual based data entry. 

FAQ: How do you ensure accuracy?
Ans: Data is only validated when it will be 100% accurate. As a data entry clerk, quality is my main priority.

Requirement: Basically, it indicates what we need before we can start working. So, a requirement option helps you to understand a job properly.

buyer requirement on

Gallery: A gallery represents a visual part of your gig description. It contains an image file or it can be a video presentation or it will be a pdf presentation that represents your services.

fiverr gig gallery

Publish: Finally, we reached our final step. We are all set to launch our first ever gig on an online outsourcing platform, Fiverr to earn money online from home.  As soon as we click the publish gig button, our gig becomes live and visible to buyers who visit the online marketplace, Fiverr.

fiverr gig publish

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