Fiverr Buyer Request: Submitting an offer direct to Buyer Inbox

Fiverr Buyer Request: Submitting an offer direct to Buyer Inbox

Fiverr: Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur always takes a little bit extra care about a new auctioneer. A trust-worthy online money making platform is always very difficult for a new seller due to its popularity. So, for an ambitious seller, it is a question mark then how to make a sale or how to get first ever order on a Gig?

Fiverr came with an action plan in favor of an enthusiastic seller. They offer to their seller to send a request, according to their skills to get hired on their online freelance platform i.e., During making a buyer request on here we need to keep in mind a few things to make a successful gig request.

Things to know making a Move on Fiverr Buyer Request Page:

  1. The competence to understand any problem or issue.
  2. Identify task involvement skills.
  3. Estimate the time with the sanctioned time.
  4. Having a proper awareness of the platform.
Things No 1: Competence to understand any problem or issue

On Fiverr Buyer Request Page, a buyer can post them as a text mode with the essential attach (if any) file. A seller has to understand a buyer demand reading a text. So, competence to make out any buyer demand reading a text format is very important for making a successful buyer request.

Things No 2: Identify task involvement skills

Identify skills is a basic awareness part of our services which we sell on here. During competence to understand a buyer demands our sub-conscious mind will tell how to do it or how it can be done or which tools we need to use to fill the buyer demand.

For example, a buyer wants to organize an existing excel sheet or willing to make a new sheet with their own demands. As a seller, we have to point out their detailed. So, we can easily get an outcome of demands. For the above-mentioned example, an outcome can be like,

  • Buyer demands Microsoft Excel skill
Things No 3: Estimate the time with respect to the sanctioned time

Identify the delivery time is also a success key on Fiverr marketplace. No one wants to be late in their daily life. Quick delivery or within a timed delivery is very important here. Remembered your slogan will be ” Quality is my main priority within a given time limit” like “TunaiDesk Freelance Services“.

Things No 4: Having a proper awareness of the platform

Indirectly every online freelancing platform making money with the help of a seller and a buyer. A seller helps with them gigs and a buyer helps with them making a gigs purchase. So the price of any product can draw a line in between success and failure. We can not randomly propose a price to do a task. Having a proper price knowledge helps you a lot to make a good cent on here.

A Step by Step guide with a Fiverr Selling Account

Now we are ready to submit a buyer request on our own Fiverr Seller Account. Follow the below steps: 

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# Step 1: Log on with Seller Account

Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click More > Buyer Requests

Fiverr seller account to make a fiverr request
Fig: Selling Menu > More > Buyer Requests
#Step 2: Redirected to the Fiverr Buyer Requests Page

Then we will automatically be redirected to the Fiverr Buyer Requests Page. See the below image.

fiverr buyer request lists
Fiverr Buyer Request Lists

Under the above-mentioned page {as per image file}, we will find a list of buyer request. Now we need to fill out the required and optional field to send a direct request to any buyer for consideration.

#Step 3: Fill out the Required Box

During fill out the Fiverr buyer request fields we can easily understand the buyer stats e.g., Date of Post, Description, No of an offer has been sent, Time offered, and Budget. Now click on the ” Send Offer ” button. {See the below image}.

send a buyer request on fiverr
Fig: Buyer Request List > Send Offer

Then a pop-up window will open. {See the below fig}. Select your offered gig and press ” Submit Offer ” button.

gig selection during fiverr buyer request
Fig: Select Offer Gig > Submit Offer

Now one another pop-up will be open. This is our last step to make a Fiverr buyer request.

  • Now write a short description of your thought. This will be your own words about the buyer demands. Please try to explain your plan, how to do it or like that. Short but effective !!!
  • Fill the ” Total Offer Amount “. Here we need to put our price or budget. Please try to make it reasonable as compared to the buyer offered.
fiverr buyer
Require and Optional Field on Fiverr Buyer Request Pop-Up
  • Now we need to fill our ” Delivery Time “.
  • “Number of Revisions” means if the buyer were unhappy with your delivery then they have a chance for modification. If you do your job accurately then it will be your “Optional Field”. Do not worry about that. You can select ” Unlimited” during making a buyer request on Fiverr. Now click “Send Offer” from the bottom of the pop-up window.

Do you have any issue of making a buyer request on Fiverr? Share your opinion on the comment section.

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